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Leadership for Organizational Excellence

Strengthening the backbones of successful businesses

Is it all on your shoulders?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Leaders have the toughest job in the organization. Whatever the size of your team, or perhaps you're a sole proprietor, you carry the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of the mission to increase revenue.

Do You Believe There's a Better Way?

The key to overcoming these challenges is the proven leadership model of the six P’s.

Are you...

  • A driven business owner with plans for growth?
  • Determined not to fail and become just another statistic?
  • Frustrated by 80-hour workweeks and believe that there's a better way?
  • Ready to put the work in now to make it easier down the road?
  • Committed to creating a business that will scale, no matter the dedication and effort required?

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn best practices from established, successful businesses in the areas of Planning, Positions, People, Processes, Performetrics, and Passion. Owning and growing a business is hard enough, team up with Sandler and we'll work together to implement the systems and processes that result in steady growth and a smoother path ahead.

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Are You Prepared to Scale?

Smart leaders know that it's easier to set up a solid structure before you grow, so when you are ready to expand your sales team and staff, you have a clear vision, systems, and processes to hit the ground running.

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Can You Hire the Best Fit?

Visionary leaders can spot top talent and want to hire them when they find the right fit, not when it becomes a necessity. When you find a potential hire that's perfectly aligned with your business, will you be able to bring them on board?

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Are You a Proactive Leader?

As a leader, you identify as someone who is driven, committed, and collaborative - but are you proactive or reactive? You've been in business 5 years or less, you've got the energy, but are you still working hard instead of working smart?

Get the support you need to lead

Sandler’s leadership development program is designed to help you break through plateaus, remove bottlenecks, and take your career or organization to the next level.


Install a Systematic, Scientific Hiring Process

Learn how to develop an accurate hiring profile, objectively assess and select candidates, and create onboarding and performance plans for each position on your team.


Initiate Coaching & Accountability Strategies

Develop a coaching mindset to unlock the performance code for each person on your team and keep them focused on the behaviors that lead to achieving the goals.

Program Structure

  • Delivered virtually
  • Smaller group sizes (up to 15 people) for maximum impact
  • Highly interactive workshops with peer discussions
  • Personal one-on-one coaching
  • Online support with reinforcement materials

New program starting May 2021

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