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Looking for a Professional Speaker?

Inspire your team or organization with thought-provoking keynotes and workshops

Tactics You Can Walk Away With

Our workshops vary from small groups to large crowds. Whether it's at the podium or in a boardroom setting, our priority is for participants to not only understand the material, but to walk away with ideas of how to implement the tactics and strategies into their industry and unique company culture.

Stephanie Stage 1

Invigorate, Motivate, Educate

Stephanie van Dam is the award-winning Owner of Sandler by Clydesdale Performance Management in Hamilton, ON. Let Stephanie and her team create excitement at your next event or meeting with a fresh look at best practices for professional growth and business development. We can tailor a message to your industry or group's meeting, conference, or event. Participants will leave inspired with tangible strategies that can be applied immediately.

Available talk tracks include

(but are not limited to)

  • Selling for the Non-Selling Professional

    Often professionals who never set out to be in a business development role suddenly find themselves in one - engineers, architects, medical practitioners, accountants, financial advisors, lawyers - professionals who studied in one field and realized they need the skills and confidence to sell their services.

  • The Importance of Bonding and Rapport

    Ever wonder why you just don't click with someone? Wish you could bond with a prospect beyond the surface level? At Sandler, we use highly researched methods based in psychology to understand our own communication preferences, and how to adapt to the communication preferences with those people you conduct business with.

  • Up-Front Contracts

    Sometimes in the selling process, things can feel ad-hoc - like going through the motions with the control constantly shifting to whoever has the "ball in their court". At Sandler, we believe selling should be a mutually beneficial process with nothing to hide, where everyone is on the same page and everyone agrees on the next steps.

  • Cold Calling Techniques

    Cold calling doesn't have to be the dreaded activity that you and your sales team wish you could put off forever. Sandler's techniques for making a no-pressure, introductory call aren't just beneficial for the salesperson, but also for the prospect. Learn a systematic process for building your business efficiently and ethically.

  • Creating a 30-Second Commercial

    Whether it's on the phone, at a networking event, or at a trade show, introducing yourself and your business should set you apart from the competition. The days of the traditional "elevator speech" are over, and the antiquated notion of diving into features and benefits is no longer relevant. Learn to connect with qualified prospects and differentiate yourself in every situation.

  • Behaviours, Attitudes, Techniques

    These are the foundation for success. Sandler's foundation for success is built on three aspects of business development: the behaviours that need to be executed, the attitude with which you approach selling, and the techniques used to qualify or disqualify an opportunity. Understand the balance and connections of these three critical elements, and which areas you need to focus on for your professional development.

  • Break the Rules and Close More Sales

    We know that traditional salespeople's process is often to preach features and benefits and push a prospect to make a purchase. Throw out the old rule book and tricks of traditional selling, and discover how you can have a better relationship with prospects, save time chasing sales, and close more business, more easily.

  • Building World-Class Sales Organization

    As a manager, you wear many hats; supervisor, coach, trainer & mentor. Do you have a consistent system for successfully filling all of these roles? To get consistent results, you need a consistent process.

  • Communicate with Confidence

    Whether it's inter-office communication or communication with clients and prospects, if you lack the professional communication skills to effectively connect, you may be leaving money on the table. Sandler Training uses the Extended DISC communication model and Transactional Analysis to deconstruct the complexities of business communication.

  • No Guts, No Gain

    The difference between winning and losing is almost imperceptible. Learn how to handle the pressures and challenges of building a successful business or career. This will help you become more assertive, and more effective in your personal interactions, and make you feel more comfortable as a high achiever. This session will help you define your goals and create a plan to achieve them. Redirect your thoughts and energies toward achieving clear and compelling personal goals!

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