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Media Insights

Lisa von Massow shares sales tips and insights

Sharing the industry's best sales methodology

Lisa von Massow's address some key sales and management challenges in business today.

Sandler Rule #11: Money Does Grow On Trees

Lisa explains Sandler Rule #11: Money Does Grow On Trees 

Sandler Rule #14: A Prospect Who Is Listening Is No Prospect At All

Lisa explains Sandler Rule #14: A Prospect Who Is Listening Is No Prospect At All

Sandler Rule #35: If Your Competition Does It, Stop Doing It Right Away

Lisa explains Sandler Rule #35: If Your Competition Does It, Stop Doing It Right Away

Communicate Effectively

Do you find there are some people that you just don’t click with? Effective Communication is more than just exchanging information. It’s also adjusting your communication style to better fit the communication style of the prospect by crafting and asking compelling questions and developing effective listening skills.

President’s Club/Sales Mastery

Prospects buy for their reasons and they buy emotionally. Success salespeople uncover what a prospect wants, why they want it, and what will happen to them personally if they don’t get it. Through a conversational method, we teach salespeople a trusted advisor approach while removing sales barriers.

Management Solutions

The responsibility of a sales manager is to facilitate the success of his team members. If the sales team is struggling, are you looking at the right end of the problem? Often it may be that the manager is spending too much time as a supervisor and not enough as a trainer, coach, or mentor.

Strategic Customer Care

Inside sales and customer service teams can make or break the success of your company. Can your team recognize new business opportunities? Is there a process to work with other departments? If they aren’t acting as your second sales force, what opportunities is your company missing?

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A Sandler Classic—Updated

The best-selling sales classic on driving success updated with Sandler CEO and President, Dave Mattson, providing additional skills designed for today’s highly competitive, more complex, tech-savvy sales landscape.

Technology Sales

Author and Sandler trainer Rich Chiarello offers sales teams tasked with selling technical solutions a proven program for success, based on the Sandler Selling System.

Enterprise Selling

Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and multiple decision makers is perhaps the biggest challenge for sales professionals. 

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