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The traditional corporate structure in the workplace is changing at a speed never before experienced; Millennials are flooding into the workforce. These young professionals are confident, have strong opinions, and they want to have their voices heard. Successful companies and their HR Departments understand this and instead of focusing on GPA’s, they are looking for critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Working as a team and allowing leadership behaviours to naturally develop, gives employees the chance to be heard, no matter their level of seniority.

Not sure a non-traditional leadership system is a good fit for your organization? Consider the following:

Leadership Encourages Teamwork

Giving entry-level employees leadership opportunities demonstrates your company is working towards a stronger team. If people view their coworkers not just as titles like “Manager” or “Department Head”, but as teammates working towards a common goal, they are much more likely to respect each other and work cohesively.

Leadership Creates an Even Playing Field

How often do managers in a typical leadership position not have the respect of their team? They may be perceived as bossy and more of an annoyance than a helpful presence. Giving everyone the ability to make decisions and be their own leader promotes a more equal workplace. Each employee has something they can contribute to the team. Allowing them to shine individually makes for a stronger team overall.

Leadership at All Levels Promotes Openness

Leadership at all levels promotes openness and encourages everyone to work together. This concept also helps to identify slacking employees; there’s no place for them to hide in your organization. Laziness and a bad work ethic will be noticed and reported by an entire team of people. Poorly performing employees often slip under the radar, as managers may not notice their lack of dedication. When everyone fills a leadership role, every employee is free to speak up about issues and work together as a team to solve the problem at hand.

Leadership Results in Higher Motivation for Younger Employees

Recognizing leadership at all levels of your organization can build motivation in new employees. Understanding that their ideas and suggestions are heard instead of dismissed, they will be more willing to contribute in the future. In contrast, if they are continuously ignored when contributing to a workplace conversation, they will become demotivated and disinterested. Supporting the growth of managerial skills can alleviate workplace boredom and help employees develop strong decision-making skills.

Leadership Necessitates Constant Development for the Entire Company

When every employee wears a leadership hat, company growth is sure to follow. When everyone, whether entry-level or senior staff, contributes to the company goal, new ideas and solutions will arise for the business to pick from. Creative interactions between coworkers will become more commonplace, leading to better work and more positive changes.

For companies to be successful in today’s fast-changing business climate, adaptability and innovation are key. Adopting a company-wide leadership culture gives employees at all levels the chance to be leaders and shape a company that embraces creative solutions and forward thinking.

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