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Customer Experience Masterclass

Have you elevated your Customer Experience in the time of COVID-19? 

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What is the value of a client for life?

Has your business seen an increase in customers since the COVID-19 pandemic hit?

During times of increased volume and new business development, communicating effectively with your clients and prospects is paramount to the success of your business. Are all your employees representing your organization the way you would expect?

Is your customer service/inside sales team struggling with:

  • Setting realistic expectations for clients and prospects?
  • Providing service but failing to upsell or cross-sell?
  • Dealing with inpatient or difficult customers?
  • Missing the sales or communication skills to help keep or grow your key accounts?
  • Asking for referrals for future business?

If any of these issues sound familiar, you might be missing out on lucrative, profitable business opportunities, experiencing high turnover in frontline positions, or dealing with poor morale.

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Did the pandemic increase your customer base?


Are you able to manage customer expectations?

Work from home

Will you retain their business for the future?

Transform your customer service & inside sales teams.

Are you asking too much of your frontline teams, or are they just under-trained and missing the skills to deal with the difficult task of customer service and upselling?


Sandler-trained frontline employees know how to:

  • Treat customers with care and respect.
  • Remain objective and focus in the face of confrontation.
  • Cross-sell customer requests in a straight-forward non-salesy manner.
  • Ask questions to analyze situations before responding.
  • Effectively recommend additional products or services to increase revenue and retention.

Customer Experience Master Class

Invest 90 minutes to explore your customer service and inside sales department's strengths and weaknesses at our upcoming Customer Care Master Class. Join Stephanie van Dam and Hamilton leaders for this interactive virtual event and discover the power of Strategic Customer Care.

Upcoming workshops:

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