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Customer Service / Inside Selling

Customer Service Program, Courses, Online Training

In this program learn how to:

  • Use problem solving tactics

  • Manage stress

  • Resolve customer conflict resolution

  • Recognize new business opportunities (with existing customers)

  • Build a customer focused culture

  • Gain questioning skills to get to the heart of the customer's needs

  • Deal with difficult customers

  • Gain the confidence to make outgoing calls

  • Understand the strategy and objective behind up-selling and cross-selling

  • Communicate on a professional level

  • Take a customer to the next step and close a sale

Here is a quick overview of what is covered in the Strategic Customer Care Program

Sandler-trained customer service people...

  • Treat customers with respect

  • Remain objective and avoid confrontation

  • Address customer requests in a straight-forward, non-manipulative manner

  • Ask questions to analyze situations before recommending solutions

  • Are effective communicators in person, on the telephone and by email

  • Can effectively recommend additional products and services that benefit the customer and add to your top-line revenue and customer retention

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Find out how to unlock your customer service team's potential and grow sales.

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