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Earlier this year one of the participants of my sales training program approached me to ask if his daughter could interview me, as part of her school project. Her assignment was to interview a business owner who has a positive impact on his/her customers. Naturally, I was flattered and accepted. I prepped and felt totally ready to answer the usual who, what, when type of questions. I was surprised by the spin that this young lady put on her questions. Clearly, she had done her homework (and got some help from her Dad!).

Q: Why: You graduated with a poly sci degree from McMaster. Why did you end-up in sales training?

A: I’ve been in sales for over 25 years. In fact, after graduating, I went directly into sales. I studied a lot, learned from my mentors and coaches, and made a lot of mistakes. A LOT of mistakes. Later in my career, I was introduced to the Sandler Selling model and it was an ah-ha moment. It encompassed some of the best practices that I learned early on, and it also showed me a lot of mistakes that I had been making and how I could improve.

Q: How: My dad goes to sales training classes at your training centre every Tuesday morning. He’s a pretty smart guy. Why does he need to go so often?

A: The sales training program starts with an overview of the Sandler Selling System. It teaches people the “what”. But to truly get better at selling, people need to understand how to use the system and they need to practice it continuously, just like a professional athlete continuously practices to improve.

Q: Where: I read that Sandler Training is one of the biggest sales training companies in the world. Is that really true?

A: It is true. There are more than 250 Sandler locations in 27 countries throughout the world. That’s great for global companies because all of their people, all around the world, are introduced to the same content. We also have virtual training programs for people who cannot attend classes in person, as well as an on-line learning program. The on-line program lets students learn from Sandler trainers around the world, and it helps to augment what we learn in class.

Q: What: What makes Sandler Training different from other sales training programs?

A: We’re not a fit for everyone. I’m the first person to admit that. But the people we work with tell us that having a system that they can follow puts them in control of selling conversations. They find they get fewer “think-it-overs”, less push to lower prices and more honest conversations with potential buyers.
There are a lot of sales training programs available and it’s important that people learn about at a program and the trainer before they commit. We offer a chance for people to sit in and experience a real session. We call it Crash-a-Class.

Q: Who: Who are you and why is your company called Sandler Training & Endurance Partners Inc.?

A: In my professional life, I’m a sales professional, I’m a trainer, I’m a speaker and I’m a coach. In my personal life, I’m a mom, a wife and I like to run. In my sales training programs, I bring together parts of my professional life (the Sandler Selling process) and parts of my personal life. Whether raising a family, training for a marathon or learning how to be better at what you do, it’s a long and sometimes hard road. If you’re committed to it and endure the tough times, success awaits you.



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