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Foundations Program

Lay the Foundation for YOUR Sales Success

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The Sandler Foundations program is the first step in building a solid foundation for sales success.

  • Are you struggling to reach your sales goals?

  • Are you annoyed with prospects who want free consulting and quotes, and then give the business to someone else?

  • Are you frustrated from generating proposals that don't close?

  • Are you tired of making presentations to people who can’t or won’t make decisions?

Sandler Foundations enables you to ...

  • Maintain control over the sales process with your prospects and you sales team.

  • Save time by learning to qualify or disqualify an opportunity early in the process.

  • Recognize problems before they become major roadblocks, stalls, and objections.

  • Focus energy on the right prospecting behaviours that lead to more sales, more easily.

  • More easily strategize or debrief a sales call with a common language and selling system that has specific steps.

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Why have a proven selling system?

A selling system guides you through the process by which you develop an opportunity from start to finish whether that finish is closing the sale or closing the file.

A selling process is a series of actions that is directed at achieving an end

  • It defines how you get something done.
  • A defined process is a course of action that leads to a decision about a sale.
  • A system provides the order of specific actions